The Kyrgisian landscape is simple beautiful. Almost like Switzerland, but less crowded and with more horses, lot more horses. In large parts Kyrgistan looks exactly as one would imagine Mongolia, yurts, horses, eagles, high mountain passes, and very asian looking people. The people are very friendly, all the children are waving when passing and so do most adults. The Kyrgisians appear to be relatively wealthy, although they live a simple life in there yurts close to there animals. But they have lots of health looking animals, horses, cows, sheeps, mainly, and they drive modern good cars. And good cars is what you need here, it definitely is offroaders paradise. We drove over the Torso Pass, 3890 Meters high, it can only be passed 8 weeks a year, plus/minus. There is a road, but sometimes you are better off driving around the bumps in the track. You definitely need a good 4 by 4 to drive through this: fortunately this is what I have. Quitschi works very well so far, only the horn died, which is more annoying then one would think: you definitely feel safer with a working horn driving here.

There’s not much more to say about Kyrgistan, except, if you find the time come here for a visit, hiking, biking, driving, skiing, it is certainly worth it.

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2 thoughts on “2016.08.11-2016.08.15 – Kyrgistan”

  1. Immer spannend von dir zu hören! Die Bilder sind wirklich schön!
    Hebid Sorg und viel Spass nu.
    LG sebi

  2. Holy cow….oder besser: holy horse :-). Die Bilder sind fantastisch! Schön das es oi guet gaht und das au dä Quitschi so guet mitmacht. Ohni Hupi isch sicher no blöd…jetzt muess immer eine vo oi us em Fenster heepä :-).

    Witerhin gute Reise und liebi Grüäss!
    Luki und Nati

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