When you look at the map you see that northern Mongolia is already in Siberia and it looks a lot like it. The winter is coming up here, the trees are already changing colour. But we are very lucky with the weather, it’s still not too cold, although the average temperature should be below zero now, it is still warm, climate change I suppose.

The roads here are terrible. There are just a few real roads in the country anyways. People just drive in the direction they have to go and eventually something that could be considered a road establishes over time. But the more people drive this pists the worse they get and despite the cold winters northern Mongolia is quite densely populated.


We average maybe 25 Kmh, and the distances are huge. Also the cars have to pay the toll: Fifes car literally is falling apart, one of his rear springs broke, and we are talking about a finger thick spring steel sheet here, several screws of his wheel mount broke off and last but not least: Part of his roof flew off while driving. The car is just too heavy for the torture: Almost 4 tons.


Quitschi on the other hand almost did it as only car without a severe problem. With only a 150 Km more to go on unpaved roads I hit a hole in the pist at full speed with 180 Liters of diesel and 50 Kg of wood in the car and a rear spring broke. It makes me a bit sad but it is not too big of a problem. I could finally use what I’ve learned in the Buschmechanik course and fixed it as good as I could with a Spanngurt:


I now reached Barnaul/Russia where they have everything, including crazy things like gas stations and roads. I will have to have the spring fixed for real here because the patch will not last for the remaining 6500 Km home. I hope I will not be stranded here for too long as I’m looking forward to come home. But first I have to master the Russian overland roads, which are excellent, leading to a lot of traffic and they really drive as crazy as you can see on youtube russian dashcam videos. It’s plain dangerous but I will also survive this.

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